A pair of Joysun Safety Y005 black and beige cut-resistant aramid-steel work gloves with blue cuffs
A pair of Joysun Safety Y005 black and beige cut-resistant aramid-steel work gloves with blue cuffs

Y005 Cut-Resistant Aramid-Steel Work Gloves

Our Y005 string knit gloves are engineered for superior cut resistance. These knitting gloves feature a durable 13 Gauge aramid and steel blend, offering exceptional protection in a practical cedar color. Available in S-M-L sizes.

  • Cut-resistant material with 13 Gauge aramid and steel,
  • Cedar color for camouflage in outdoor environments
  • Available in sizes S, M, and L to fit various hand sizes
  • Provides excellent protection without sacrificing dexterity
  • Durable and long-lasting for demanding work environments
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Y005 Cut-Resistant Work Glove Details

JoysunSafety’s Y005 cut-resistant work gloves are crafted with a unique blend of aramid and steel, offering unparalleled protection against cuts. These aramid steel cut resistant gloves are available in a cedar color and S-M-L sizes and are perfect for those working in hazardous environments, providing both safety and comfort.

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Cut-Resistant Work Glove Applications

Ideal for construction, manufacturing, metal fabrication, and other industries where cut hazards are present, the Y005 cut-resistant gloves are heavy duty cut protection gloves that offer superior hand protection, ensuring safety and peace of mind for workers.

Cut-Resistant Work Gloves Specifications

Item No. Color Material Size Features MOQ
Y005 Cedar 13 Gauge Aramid and Steel S, M, L Cut-Resistant CE Level 5, ANSI A5, String Knit 1200 PAIRS

Value Proposition

Invest in the safety of your hands with JoysunSafety’s Y005 cut-resistant work gloves. As ANSI cut level A5 work gloves, they feature a unique blend of aramid and steel, these durable anti-cut work gloves provide unmatched cut protection, durability, and comfort. Don’t compromise on safety, choose Y005 for your protection needs.

Why Choose JoysunSafety's Y005 Cut-Resistant Work Gloves?

Our Y005 gloves, featuring 13 Gauge aramid and steel, offer superior cut resistance in a cedar color and S-M-L sizes. This high cut resistance work glove is ideal for hazardous work environments, prioritizing safety without sacrificing comfort or dexterity. Inquire now for more details.

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