Latex Coated Gloves: The Essential Hand Protection for Diverse Applications

Latex coated gloves are a popular type of work glove, offering a balance of protection, comfort, and dexterity. These gloves feature a thin layer of latex coating on the palm and fingertips, providing enhanced grip and protection against various hazards.


  1. Thin latex coating for excellent grip and abrasion resistance.
  2. Breathable and comfortable material for extended wear.
  3. Flexible design allows for precise hand movements.
  4. Good resistance to punctures and tears.
  5. Available in different sizes and cuff lengths to suit various applications.
Provides excellent grip in wet and dry conditions.
Protects hands from abrasions, cuts, and punctures.
Reduces hand fatigue due to its comfortable fit and feel.
Enhances productivity by allowing precise hand movements.
Cost-effective solution for a wide range of hand protection needs.


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Applications and Services

Latex coated gloves are widely used in various industries such as automotive, construction, manufacturing, and logistics. They are ideal for tasks that involve handling tools, equipment, and materials that require a secure grip. These gloves are also commonly used in cleaning, painting, and maintenance applications where protection against abrasions and chemicals is needed.

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Operation Guide:

  1. Select the appropriate size of latex coated gloves based on your hand measurements.
  2. Put on the gloves, ensuring that they fit snugly without being too tight.
  3. Adjust the gloves as needed for maximum comfort and flexibility.
  4. Use the gloves for tasks that require hand protection and enhanced grip.
  5. Remove the gloves carefully after use and dispose of them properly.


Are latex coated gloves suitable for people with latex allergies?

No, individuals with latex allergies should avoid using latex coated gloves. It is recommended to choose alternative glove materials such as nitrile or vinyl.

How long can I wear latex coated gloves?

The wear time of latex coated gloves depends on the specific task and conditions of use. It is important to replace them regularly to ensure optimal protection and comfort.

Are latex coated gloves reusable?

Latex coated gloves are typically designed for single-use and should be disposed of properly after each use. Reusing gloves can increase the risk of contamination and reduce their protective properties.

Can I wash and reuse latex coated gloves?

It is not recommended to wash and reuse latex coated gloves as washing can damage the gloves and reduce their effectiveness. It is best to dispose of them properly after each use and replace them with a new pair.

Are latex coated gloves resistant to chemicals?

Latex coated gloves offer good resistance to some chemicals, but their chemical resistance varies depending on the specific chemical and the concentration. It is important to check the chemical resistance guide provided by the manufacturer to ensure compatibility with specific chemicals you may encounter in your workplace.

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