WB02 Blue Cow Split Leather Heat/Fire Resistant Welding Gloves 16"
WB02 Blue Cow Split Leather Heat/Fire Resistant Welding Gloves 16"

WB02 Blue Cow Split Leather Heat/Fire Resistant Welding Gloves 16″

Premium, Heat/Fire Resistant Welding Gloves made from selected cow shoulder split leather. Durable, protective, and comfortable for professional use. Supplied by a trusted manufacturer.

  • Selected cow shoulder split leather for exceptional durability.
  • Blue color for easy identification.
  • Reinforced palm, back, thumb, and fingers with double yellow leather for added heat resistance and durability.
  • Full palm and one-piece leather back design for maximum protection.
  • Welt seam and anti-fire aramid thread stitching for extra safety.
  • Thick fleece and canvas cotton lining for enhanced comfort.
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Heat Resistant Welding Gloves Description

Our WB02 welding gloves are crafted from the finest cow shoulder split leather, offering unmatched durability and heat resistance. With a reinforced palm, back, thumb, and fingers, these gloves are built to withstand extreme temperatures. The full palm and one-piece leather back design provide maximum coverage, while the welt seam and anti-fire stitching ensure your safety. Enjoy optimal comfort with the thick fleece and canvas cotton lining. Ideal for welding and other high-heat applications.


Heat Resistant Gloves Applications

Our WB02 welding gloves are perfect for welding, metalworking, and other high-heat industrial applications. With their heat resistance and durability, these gloves ensure your safety and comfort while working in extreme conditions.

Product Specifications

Specification Detail
Item No. WB02
Color Blue
Material Selected Cow Shoulder Split Leather
Size 16″
Features Heat Resistant, Reinforced Palm, Back, Thumb & Fingers, Welt Seam, Anti-fire Stitching
Packaging 1dozen/polybag, 5dozens/CTN
MOQ 100 dozens

Customer Value Proposition

Invest in our WB02 welding gloves for unparalleled heat resistance, durability, and comfort. Designed for professionals, these gloves will protect your hands from extreme heat, allowing you to focus on your work with confidence. Order yours today for optimal safety and performance.


Durable Heat Resistant Welding Gloves 16"

Discover our premium WB02 welding gloves, offering unmatched durability, heat resistance, and comfort. Ideal for welding and other high-heat tasks, these gloves are a must-have for professionals. Order your 16″ gloves now!

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