PUP004 Light Duty Black PU Coated Safety Work Gloves

Our PUP004 light duty PU coated safety gloves feature a 13 gauge polyester seamless shell and PU coated palm, offering protection and comfort for light industrial tasks. Ideal for suppliers seeking quality gloves.

  • 13 gauge polyester seamless shell for durability.
  • PU coated palm enhances grip and wear resistance.
  • Black color for a professional look.
  • Available in sizes 7-11 for a perfect fit.
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Safety Gloves Description

Introducing our PUP004 light duty black PU coated safety work gloves, designed for comfort and protection during light industrial tasks. The seamless polyester shell and PU coated palm provide a secure grip and long-lasting durability, essential for any workplace. These gloves are perfect for suppliers and distributors seeking quality hand protection.

Safety Work Gloves Applications

Our PUP004 light duty black PU coated safety work gloves are perfect for various light industrial applications. Whether you’re working in warehouses, handling light materials, or performing general maintenance tasks, these gloves offer the protection and comfort you need. The seamless shell design ensures flexibility, while the PU coating provides a secure grip. Invest in our safety gloves for optimal hand protection in your workplace.

PUP004 Light Duty Black PU Coated Safety Work Gloves Technical

Product Elements Table

Item No. Color Material Size Range Feature
PUP004 Black 13 Gauge Polyester Seamless Shell, PU Coated Palm 7-11 Light Duty Safety Work Gloves

Packaging Specifications

Packaging MOQ
10 pairs/pack 1000 packs

Product Value Proposition

Our PUP004 light duty safety gloves, featuring a 13 gauge polyester seamless shell and PU coated palm, offer durability and grip for light industrial tasks. Available in black, sizes 7-11. Perfect for suppliers seeking quality hand protection.


Light Duty Safety Work Gloves

Our PUP004 gloves are designed for light duty tasks, providing essential hand protection and durability. The seamless shell and PU coating combine for maximum comfort and grip, making these gloves a great choice for any light industrial worker. Order now to ensure your hands are protected during daily tasks.

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