NP008 13-Gauge Polyester Nitrile Non-Slip Work Gloves Sizes 7-11
NP008 13-Gauge Polyester Nitrile Non-Slip Work Gloves Sizes 7-11

NP008 13-Gauge Polyester Nitrile Non-Slip Work Gloves Sizes 7-11

Discover our NP008 orange Nitrile Non-Slip Work Gloves, 13-gauge polyester non-slip gloves with nitrile dipping, sizes 7-11, designed for safety and grip at work.

  • Light and breathable 13-gauge polyester shell.
  • Nitrile dipping ensures a non-slip grip and durability.
  • Smooth palm finish for comfort and dexterity.
  • Vibrant orange color for visibility and safety.
  • Available in sizes from 7 to 11 for a perfect fit.
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 Non-Slip Nitrile Dipped Gloves Description

Our NP008 gloves, crafted with a 13-gauge polyester shell and nitrile dipping, provide an excellent non-slip grip. The gloves’ bright orange hue enhances visibility, while the smooth palm offers superior comfort. Suitable for various applications, these gloves are available in sizes 7-11, ensuring a comfortable fit for every wearer.

Non-Slip Work Gloves Applications

The NP008 gloves are ideal for industrial settings, offering a secure grip during handling, lifting, and other manual tasks.

Non-Slip Nitrile Dipped Gloves Specifications

Item No. Color Material Size Coating Packaging MOQ
NP008 Orange Polyester 7-11 Nitrile Dipping 200 pairs/box 100 boxes

Customer Value Proposition:

Ensure safety and efficiency in your workplace with our NP008 non-slip nitrile dipped gloves. Their grip, durability, and comfort make them perfect for a range of industrial applications.

Non-Slip Polyester Nitrile Dipped Work Gloves

Our NP008 gloves, featuring a 13-gauge polyester shell with nitrile dipping, offer a non-slip grip, comfort, and safety in a vibrant orange color. Available in sizes 7-11, these gloves are ideal for industrial use. Order yours now!

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