Hard currency of winter, leather gloves!

A man from head to toe is considered exquisite, and he should be a man who truly understands life. A coat is even as small as a pair of gloves. Fashion is nothing more than that. I will not miss any details that can show my own taste. In this cold winter, it may be a very good choice to go out and bring a pair of gloves. But the cotton gloves are too thin, the wool ones are too thick, and they are not waterproof. At this time, we need a pair of leather gloves. The first leather gloves can’t be more suitable. The thickness is just good, and it’s also good for action. Very convenient, exuding a masculinity from the fingers. The following editor will introduce to you those leather gloves that can warm your hands.


This is a glove made for 80 years. It is woven with the best leather and is famous for its hand-cutting. It uses traditional craftsmanship to make the best gloves and brings a comfortable fit to the overlappers. Feeling experience. This brand additionally retains the fashion of gloves, and continues to pay attention to the practical issues of glove comfort, compression and moisture resistance. In addition, they process the gloves in their own factory for the quality of the gloves. They are sewn by hand, and they personally select leather, wool and other materials. In the cold and harsh winter

Bottega veneta, known as Hermès in Italy, is also known for its outstanding handicraft traditions and innovative designs, as well as its strong practicality. Whether it is leather bags, leather clothes or gloves, they are all made of the highest quality. The leather has won the world’s reputation. The characteristics of this brand can only be recognized by people at a glance. His only logo is the leather weaving design, which can be seen on the small leather ornaments of the gloves. A simple interlaced design requires more than high quality. The soft sheepskin requires rich experience and a high degree of patience to complete. The whole is very exquisite and luxurious. It is the same as the brand’s character. It is not too obvious but it is very individual.