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For some people, one of the best parts of gardening is that you get a wonderful feeling when you reach into some fertile soil. As Katie Parks, a famous gardener in Northern California, put it, as long as you go deep into the soil, “your troubles will disappear!” (Research actually supports this, showing that exposure to friendly bacteria in the soil can improve Your serotonin level can help treat depression.) But not everyone does. Due to the risk of toxoplasmosis in the soil, pregnant women should not garden without gloves. People who are not interested in the pain of lobes, the sting of thorns, and the sting of insect bites should not do this.
Just like boots, choosing the right gloves depends on the gardening work you will do and the combination of sensitivity and protection that suits you best. For example, if you want to prune roses, you need something hard with cuffs; if you are planting seeds, you may want something that does not require fingers, if you are a garden influencer and proud plant parent, Or you need to stop and search Google for the distance to grow radishes while gardening (it happened), you” I would want something with touch screen sensitivity so that you don’t have to take off your gloves to use your phone. In order to make you more Easy, we asked seven gardeners to tell us the best gardening gloves for all types of tasks. This is their choice.
Marie Viljoen is the force behind the Brooklyn terrace gardener, forager and beloved 66 square foot Instagram. She usually doesn’t like wearing gloves, but when necessary, she likes such nitrile coated gloves because of the nitrile rubber , A kind of rubber, she said, this is the “thinest and most flexible glove” you can get. In addition, they are made of breathable bamboo. Gardeners like Goo and Gardening with Goo like it because they keep your hands cool in summer and warm in winter. This is even touch screen friendly, so you can play your gardening victories (or order lunch) without removing them.
YouTube sensation and Southern California gardener CaliKim uses these ultra-thin tight gloves for lighter tasks (she defines them as “harvesting, weeding, light pruning, planting small plants, and light digging”) because they help her “feel the plants” “And “Provides high dexterity for more delicate garden tasks.” In addition, you can order a pack of 12 in case you “always put them on the garden bed and then lose them between plants”, just like her Same.
When British ecologist and botanist Becky Searle recorded her organic gardening adventure on Instagram @sow_much_more, she had to do any tasks that might be thorny or irritating, and she turned to the gold Ye soft-touch gloves-the British favorite, now available in the United States. “They are as soft as butter, so they are very easy to use and provide very reliable protection.” The back is made of nylon, Lycra and foam, the palms are covered with soft deerskin, and the wrists have Velcro closures. When you use them, they begin to conform to your hands, making them feel like customized gloves. Note: These are gloves used by Buckingham Palace gardeners.
CaliKim likes these double-layer work gloves for heavy gardening, which she defines as “digging garden beds, digging holes for larger plants or trees, heavier pruning, and more laborious outdoor projects” because of the double-layer coating Makes “easy to handle full-size gardening tools such as shovel, field cultivator, pitchfork or hoes.” Cotton blends make them breathable in hot weather, and are inexpensive, and can be easily stored in “garden kits, sheds and garages” Keep a few pairs in.
If you like to feel the dirt but still need some protection from rough tool handles, fingerless gloves can provide you with the best of both worlds. Lauri Kranz (Lauri Kranz), founder of Los Angeles organic food delivery service Edible Gardens LA, said the pair of products from Hemp Garden makes “planting seeds easier”.
Whenever she deals with “tricky things”, Amber Grossman of Black Girls Gardening will use these goat prints, Exemplary Gardens super-high-sleeved rose trimming gloves to guarantee stab resistance or refunds.
“Duluth is my first choice for most of my gardening gear,” said Parks, who recommends these hand gloves for any task that requires forearm protection. The gloves are goatskin, the palms are padded to prevent blisters, and the hand guards (the parts that cover the wrists and forearms) are made of tough pigskin to ensure that you won’t get irritated.
Dimitri and Sara Gatanas own and operate the City Garden Center in East Harlem. They are big fans of these gloves. They have rubber-coated “smart wires” on their three fingertips that can use your phone. They always carry a box of these sturdy but breathable gloves with them in case they need it, “when you need to garden while running and you can’t get your fingers dirty because you are going to a meeting or eating out.”
Parks also like these Duluth gloves, especially when gardening in warm weather, because they “keep you cool, protect your hands, and are very visible, so if you put them somewhere, you can easily in the garden I found them!”
Although Parks likes to touch the soil when doing basic tasks, “If the weather is very cold, or I will use tools that may hurt my hands, or reach out to some places where spiders may be infested, I always reach out for me. Duluth insulated gloves,” she said. These goatskin, Kevlar lined gloves can protect your hands from any sharp objects, and the waterproof thermal film keeps your hands warm and dry when the temperature drops.
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Each product is independently selected by the (obsessed) editor. What you buy through our links may earn us a commission.


Post time: Nov-03-2021