Analysis of the development status of China’s PVC glove market

1. Overview of the disposable glove market

Disposable gloves mainly include latex gloves, nitrile gloves, PVC gloves and PE gloves.

Among them, latex gloves, nitrile gloves, and PVC gloves have stable quality, good protection, and a wide range of applications, occupying most of the market share. Although PE gloves are low in price, they have disadvantages such as poor flexibility, easy damage, and affect operation after wearing. It is a low-end product and is mainly used in the catering industry. Its market share is limited and it is difficult to develop into the mainstream product of disposable gloves.

Latex gloves are traditional disposable gloves, which have been developed earlier in the market and occupy a larger market share. However, its raw materials have the characteristics of unstable supply and large price fluctuations, resulting in higher product costs, restricted application areas, and slow market growth. Especially in recent years, relevant research institutes have discovered that latex gloves may cause skin allergies in humans, and there have been reports of deaths caused by allergies caused by wearing latex gloves, which caused panic among consumers and caused a decline in the market share of latex gloves.

With the advancement of modern petrochemical technology and the gradual improvement of industrial supporting facilities, as well as the continuous development and application of new auxiliary products, the large-scale production process of nitrile gloves and PVC gloves has matured day by day. With the advantages of sufficient supply of raw materials, it has developed rapidly. , A large number of squeezed market share of latex gloves. Compared with nitrile gloves, PVC gloves have more prominent cost advantages, are comfortable to wear, have good protective effects, and have a higher cost-performance ratio. The market growth momentum is more obvious.

In addition, PVC gloves are made of paste-like PVC and related additives as raw materials, using the glove model dipping process, and solidified at high temperature. The production formula can be adjusted flexibly, and there is a lot of room for product performance improvement. It can produce product varieties with different requirements and can meet the special requirements of different industries. Especially in recent years, with the development and application of new additives and the optimization and innovation of product formulations, the product performance of PVC gloves has undergone a breakthrough development, and high-end products such as high-elastic medical gloves, dust-proof and anti-static gloves have appeared successively. , The market covers almost all application areas of disposable gloves. From the development trend, PVC gloves will gradually become the leading product in the field of disposable gloves.

2. Analysis of the main body composition of PVC glove product purchase

PVC is the English abbreviation for polyvinyl chloride. It is currently a popular synthetic material in the world. PVC has high chemical resistance (resistant to concentrated hydrochloric acid, 90% sulfuric acid, 60% nitric acid, and 20% hydroxide. Sodium), the advantages of good mechanical strength and electrical insulation.

PVC gloves are gloves made of PVC materials. The main purchasers of domestic PVC gloves are medical and health institutions, food manufacturing industries and electronic industries.

PVC gloves can be divided into many categories according to their application fields and the different requirements of users. They are divided into medical grade gloves and non-medical grade gloves in terms of quality; A small amount of corn starch to maintain the smoothness of the gloves) and powder-free gloves (using water-based polyurethane coating to maintain the smoothness of the gloves); from the model, it can be divided into XS, S, M, L, XL number, XXL number; from the thickness can be divided into 3mil, 4mil, 5mil, 6mil and so on.

In terms of the distribution of buyers, the medical and health industries and the food industry have a relatively large amount of use, accounting for about 70% of buyers, and the electronics industry accounted for about 30%.

3. Analysis of the purchasing power of PVC glove products in the market

The market purchasing power of PVC glove products is showing an increasing trend. The reason is that with the increasing level of domestic consumption, more and more industries such as the medical industry and catering industry have begun to focus on the importance of wearing gloves, and the consumption of PVC gloves has shown rapid The trend of growth. At the same time, some domestic fields have begun to tend to use PVC gloves to replace traditional latex gloves. These fields include the electronics industry, equipment manufacturing industry, etc. From the perspective of the development of these industries, they are all industries with a high degree of marketization. High profitability, specific large-scale procurement capabilities.

For the medical and health industry, my country is in the period of medical and health reform. Both the central government and local governments at all levels support the development of the medical and health industry. Therefore, medical and health institutions also have strong practicalities. Purchasing power.

Fourth, analysis of the desire to buy PVC gloves in the market

With the increasing domestic emphasis on health and safety, the main demanding industries for PVC gloves still have a strong desire to buy high-quality products. It is mainly reflected in the changes in residents’ understanding of health and the increasing requirements for medical and health services. Therefore, when choosing medical and health institutions, health and safety issues have become an important inspection content.

5. Regional distribution of global PVC glove production

PVC sanitary gloves first emerged in the United States, and then gradually developed in Japan, and then entered the Taiwan region of China. With the increase in manufacturing costs in Taiwan, they were forced to go to the mainland region and developed and expanded. Because the main raw materials of PVC sanitary gloves are plasticizers such as PVC paste resin and DINP (diisononyl phthalate), they are also labor-intensive products. Therefore, they are fully equipped with abundant labor resources in China. develop.

The production capacity of the US market is gradually being replaced by emerging markets such as China. The share of global production capacity has dropped significantly, and production capacity has fallen to one-fifth of global production capacity.

In addition to the United States, China is the world’s largest producer of PVC gloves, and the production capacity of PVC gloves in Taiwan Province of China is also strong, surpassing Japan.

Therefore, the production pattern of PVC gloves has changed from being monopolized by developed countries such as the United States and Japan to the sudden emergence of China in Asia, and the production capacity of developing countries is growing rapidly.

Six, the competitive characteristics of China’s PVC glove industry

At present, the domestic PVC glove industry has a relatively high degree of market competition and belongs to a fully competitive market. At present, the competition in this industry presents two major characteristics:

The first is the field of low-end products, mainly the production of non-medical grade PVC gloves. There are a large number of manufacturers, sufficient production capacity, and fierce competition. Price has become the focus of competition, and cost control capabilities have become the key to the survival of enterprises;

The second is the high-end product field represented by medical-grade PVC gloves. At present, there are few companies in my country that can continue to supply medical-grade PVC gloves, and the demand for medical-grade gloves is huge, making the competition in this field not as fierce as the price competition in the low-end product field. However, due to the many production control variables and complex technical requirements of medical-grade PVC gloves, market competition is mainly the competition of technology, cost and production capacity among leading companies, which is mainly manifested in the competition of cost advantages under higher quality standards. Advanced production technology, good after-sales service, perfect sales network, and quick-response management system have become the focus of competition. Especially the cultivation and competition of large-scale and strong international large-scale medical machinery sellers has become the core of competition. Therefore, The market gradually concentrates on dominant companies.

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